It truly takes a village, as we all well know. Below are some of the many organizations that help us constantly evolve:

Be Ahead of the Game

Be Ahead of the Game offers specialized physical activity sessions to organizations throughout the Greater Boston area. Classes are age appropriate and conducted in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. For the youngest kids, team sports and similar activities can be difficult, which is why BAotG offers "Lead-Up Games" and a variety of other alternatives to traditional sports. For older groups, they focus on team building exercises and specific sport rules and instructions. Regardless of the age group, their programs ensure the improvement of motor skills, coordination and confidence. Be Ahead of the Game is currently working in our Newton school.

Community Music Center of Boston

Community Music Center of Boston is far more than a music school. It is a creative hub where people of all ages and abilities share music as common ground, and where diversity, expression and self-transformation are the very air we breathe. From two settlement schools that provided music instruction to immigrant youth over 100 years ago, CMCB has grown from being a cherished “hidden gem” to emerge as an essential educational and cultural institution serving more than 5,000 individuals each week, studying music ranging from classical to jazz, pop, folk, world and rock.


Kaymbu was founded by Pine Village parent Kin Lo as a way to harness the power of web and mobile technologies to strengthen relationships between preschool teachers, families and their children. By providing iPads for each classroom, Kaymbu allows teachers to efficiently capture and securely share activities with families. Each week (and in some cases more frequently) parents receive a compilation of photos of their child’s activities, thereby opening up communications both between parents and teachers, but also between parents and their children. At a deeper level, the software also streamlines internal documentation processes for child portfolios, licensing, assessment and accreditation.