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Welcome, Juanita!

We are very excited to be welcoming Juanita Chiviliu, from La Puerta Abierta in Guatemala, to Boston this month! The connection began with Sara Yablon–Smith, one of our parents and also the longtime friend of La Puerta Abierta’s founder, Amanda Flayer. Since our introduction back in June, we have been working on ways to collaborate… Read more »

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Here at Pine Village, March 17 isn’t just St. Patrick’s Day, or even Evacuation Day (although, we suppose, at a preschool, every day is evacuation day, potty-trained or not [potty humor/pun fully intended]). PVP also has designated March 17 as Teacher Appreciation Day. Co-founder Brid Martin explains why in the post below. “One looks back… Read more »