Our School

Tucked into the historic Henderson Carriage House Building at 2067 Mass Ave. lies our Porter Square school. Minutes from both Porter and Davis Squares, it has convenient, safe parking for drop off and pick up in the rear of the building. Our Porter Square school has a wonderful large community room we use for large group activities such as yoga class and special guest visitors. Our community room is surrounded by five bright and fun filled classrooms specially designed for each of our four age groups.

Our Director

Diana Noteboom

Diana Noteboom was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In 2007, she started working in school settings for the first time. As a school psychologist she had the opportunity to observe and learn about the importance of a teacher’s role, both inside and outside the classroom. Little by little, she started getting more involved in the educational field and gained experience as an educator.

She first started working as a teacher in Colombia, teaching children of different ages and developmental stages at a bilingual Montessori School. During that time she discovered the necessity of investing time, love, and resources in educating children from a very early age. In 2009 she moved to Boston with the purpose of continuing her professional studies and just recently earned her Master’s Degree in Child Development from Tufts University. For almost three years, she has been teaching Spanish to the children enrolled in the Tufts Educational Day Care Center and has witnessed the great results that come from teaching Spanish to children during their early years.

It is therefore with great excitement that she joins the Pine Village community. "As a bilingual person and a professional in the field of child development," she says, "I’ve found Pine Village preschool to be a place that promotes bilingual education taking into consideration the needs of each child and their family. By caring about each child as an individual human being, Pine Village preschool provides a positive and rich environment for learning and developing. I feel fortunate to have found a community that shares the core values of education that I believe in and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with you towards our goal of educating caring human beings."