Our School

Our South End school is a very special place, and holds the truly unique title of our first fully designed and “built by PVP” location. We are located at 700 Harrison Ave., approximately four blocks down from Boston Medical Center, in the heart of the culturally diverse South End neighborhood of Boston. Our South End school is flooded with natural light from front to back and has an open, airy feel. Our bright and sunny classrooms surround our community room where parents can gather together in the morning for a chat or transition their children into the day gently with a book or a puzzle.

Our Director

Vilma Ortiz-Bend

Vilma Ortiz-Bend was born and raised in Boston but with Puerto Rican roots. Her heritage is very present for her, and she is a product of the Boston Public Schools bilingual program.

Ever since she was a little girl, there was nothing more important to her than to become a teacher. Her mother and grandmother ran home daycares and, even at 10-years-old, she couldn’t wait to get home to play with the babies. She completed her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education straight out of high school while working for a daycare part-time. Once she graduated from her associate’s program, her parents decided to move back to Puerto Rico where she worked as a first grade teacher in a bilingual private school. While there, she continued on to pursue her Bachelor’s degree. Although she really enjoyed her experience in Puerto Rico, she was very homesick and returned to Boston. She worked as a reading specialist for three years in an afterschool program, then moved on to be the Assistant Director at a daycare center for homeless families for thirteen years.

And then she found a new home at Pine Village.

Her priority is to lead a center that provides quality childcare with a rich and safe environment that allows children to explore freely and learn from every experience provided. Establishing a family-oriented center in which everyone feels comfortable and safe as they walk through the door. She practices an “open door” policy, which means, her door is always open for everything from concerns to conversations. Being bilingual has been a source of pride. She hopes to transmit this feeling to your children.

First and most importantly, she believes children learn through play. By exposing the children to different cultural experiences, educators are opening the doors to a whole new world. Vilma strives to create community and a sense of belonging in the South End School. Freedom to explore their environment and learn from each other is key to a true learning experience. Social-emotional interactions are where the children learn the most. The best part of a day for any teacher, should be listening to the children while they play and at activity time. All of this can be accomplished by preparing a rich curriculum that covers all the crucial areas but is focused on each of the children’s individual needs and interests.